Removing Line Marking can be difficult, but it is the best longterm solution



Typically, scarifier plant is used to remove line markings from surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or pavement. The engine uses a rotating drum or milling head with a series of cutting teeth or flails.

As the machine moves over the surface, the teeth or flails dig into the surface, breaking up the top layer of the material and removing the line markings.

Scarifier machines are commonly used in road construction and maintenance, parking lots, and other commercial and industrial settings.


The method of grey-out or black-out with paint is used to remove redundant markings or cover up existing line markings on surfaces like concrete, asphalt, or pavement.

Although this method is relatively cost-effective, it may not always be an effective permanent removal method as the old markings may still be visible under certain lighting conditions such as Dusk and night. Moreover, this method may not be suitable for surfaces that require high levels of visibility or safety markings, such as roads or airport runways.


Are you tired of waiting weeks for a simple line marking removal quote? Are you fed up with the poor standard of service and long lead times in the line marking industry?

Do you feel that line marking companies don't understand the importance of efficiency and quick response times? You're not alone.

We understand the frustrations of seeking out quality line marking services.

We also are acutely aware that many line marking companies operate under old systems, which can lead to a lack of responsiveness and poor communication.

That's why we're committed to innovating our approach. With us, you can expect exceptional customer service.

Which is focused on quick and accurate quotes and a commitment to getting the job done right the first time.

Let us show you how Delineation Line Marking can transform your preconceptions of line marking companies and provide you with the quick and efficient service you deserve.

Need road line markings removed from a public space or premises?

Delineation can provide many solutions to remove or conceal line markings to suit your project’s requirements.

This service can be used anywhere line markings have been applied, such as roads, carparks, factories and warehouses. Our approach may vary on the application, but the results are consistently excellent.

From simple blacking/greying out of existing line markings for a quick and cost-effective solution to specific abrasive solutions (such as water blasting or grinding) that make the history of any previous markings – call us for an obligation-free quote at 0497 314 758.


Whether you need your area’s line markings completely removed, rejuvenated, or redesigned, Delineation Line Marking can help.


From basic road line markings to heavy duty thermoplastic paint that can endure high traffic levels such as intersections or turn pockets. We even install raised pavement markers to illuminate laneways or obstacles and provide feedback to drivers when they’re veering out of their lanes.

We can even provide pavement stencils for disabled bays, electric parking bays, crosswalks or any other custom requirements for your project.

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