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Delineation Line Marking Perth Western Australia

We take pride in our customer service and hope you enjoy the experience we provide and your long-lasting line marking.

The Process

Line Marking Information before our arrival.

Once confirmed with us the date and time to have your line marking installed. Please ensure you take care of the following to minimise work disruption.

The below will also be required to avoid our workers' downtime and additional charges.

Please Ensure.

-          Removal of vehicles or obstructions from the area to be painted (the machine used does take up a lot of space, so please completely clear the area.)

-          The area is clean-swept and free from loose dirt and debris. (excessive cleaning before painting will incur additional charges.)

-          There is easy access to the area that requires marking. (Difficulty in acquiring access may incur additional charges.)

-          Any areas where water may pool or get caught is completely dry. (If the area is pooling with water during wet weather, please inform us, and we can reschedule to allow time to dry out)


Site Arrival/Payment

We will arrive on-site, and if required, sign in and let you know we are ready to start.

If required, we will go through the scope of work with you and confirm the area and layout of your line marking. Any variations to the agreed quote will have to be approved by management. Please send all variations to management, email: Once a quote adjustment is emailed or texted, we can make the changes requested.

We will set out and paint your line marking and take pictures of the work. Once completed, we will send your invoice via email.


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to dry?

    Waterborne Road Marking Paint Dries extremely fast compared to regular paint. It can dry within 5-15min on a hot dry day. In cooler more humid weather it will take a little longer 30min - 1hr depending on the thickness of the application.

  • What size is a car bay?

    Car bays are 2.4m wide at a minimum and usually 5.4 in length for a normal car, It can be smaller but must be labelled a small car bay, according to Australian Standards and specifications there are no limits to how big. It can be any size bigger though larger than 3.5m is not recommended as drivers will likely try to squeeze two cars in one bay.

  • What is a Shared Zone?

    A shared Zone is a yellow hatched bay 2.4mx 5.4m next to a disabled bay. It indicates where to be kept clear and provide adequate room to aid disabled people to enter and exit their vehicle or storefront. It is an Australian standard that every council enforces before approving a new car park or tenancy. 

  • How can Line Marking can go wrong?

    The surface was not prepared properly (Poor Adhesion)
    Due to the nature of line marking (being on the ground), it has a habit of collecting all the dust and water and rubbish from all around. If the surface is not cleaned properly prior to marking, it can cause the paint to not adhere to the surface properly. This is most important on concrete surfaces but can happen on any dirty surface.

    Line marking plant Operator Error
    Line marking requires focus and attention to detail and a steady hand. All too often we see lines that are not straight or are incorrectly positioned. Measure twice cut once is our motto and an experienced operator of our machinery makes all the difference. If an error does occur, we have the ability to remove the lines and repaint them correctly, though it doesn’t happen often. We rigorously train all our operators. They go through hours and hours of supervision and are subject to verification of Competency before allowing them on their own to operate line marking plant

  • Contact

    Please get in touch on 0497314758 if you have any questions regarding your line marking we are more than happy to help.


The longevity and lifespan of products are susceptible to two major components: Application (How the product is applied) and traffic volume (How much the area is being used and run over). At Delineation Line Marking, we only use high-grade products and apply them at optimal conditions to ensure our line marking will last its lifetime upon application.

Below is general information about the line marking services we offer. Included below is a graph of the average lifespan of each product based on general traffic conditions.